BetterWorld Books Fundraiser

Officer Gertrude Muthumbi made it a family volunteer event  packing up books for BetterWorld books fundraiser for Phi Theta Kappa.

Those Giant Cardboard Boxes . . .

Have you ever wondered about those giant cardboard boxes that are sometimes overflowing with books? Phi Theta Kappa has partnered with BetterWorld Books to raise funds and to create awareness. 

BetterWorld Books has already raised millions of dollars for literacy. We are one of 1800 campuses who collect textbooks that are no longer used by our classes, or that students wish to donate. BetterWorld Books sell them and donates the profits to literacy programs and a portion goes to Phi Theta Kappa to pay for membership dues, conference fees. We need your help though. Every few months, the boxes get stuffed. As a chapter member, putting in less than an hour of your time packing up books will help you get volunteer time and earn a star on our chapter’s five star goals.

To be alerted on the next pack and ship time frame, be sure to grab an invite to our Slack team to see notifications, photos and join us. 

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