About PTK

Since 1929, ΦΘΚ has been recognized by the American Association of Community Colleges as the official honor society of the two-year college. We are open to all two-year college students who qualify regardless of academic major, full or part-time status, or whether you’ve yet to receive your high school diploma.

There are many benefits of membership in ΦΘΚ. Membership in an honors society looks good on a job application, résumé, or college application. ΦΘΚ offers opportunities for leadership, growth, and personally rewarding participation in community service projects. Each student receives recognition by wearing a gold stole and tassel at graduation. In addition, membership in the society is noted on the student’s transcripts and it is embossed on their diploma. There is also extensive opportunity for scholarship rewards exclusively for ΦΘΚ members.