Become a Member

How Do I Become a Member?

When you reach 12 credit hours at Stark State with a grade point average of 3.5 or higher and have not violated Stark State College’s code of conduct, you will automatically receive an invitation in your student e-mail as well as postal mail during the open enrollment each semester. This will allow you to accept membership via Phi Theta Kappa’s website. 

The cost of membership includes a one-time fee for lifetime membership of $85.00. Please don’t let this fee be your only barrier. Our Phi Theta Kappa Chapter fundraises each year to offer assistance with membership fees based on a student’s financial need and subsequent commitment to become involved. If you are interested, please contact our chapter contact advisor, Shari Brooks, at

If you are not yet eligible to join but are on track to becoming eligible, you may become active as a provisional member and attend all chapter events and conferences. The only limitations are that you do not have voting rights or the opportunity to serve as an officer until you are a full member. If this interests you please contact our chapter contact advisor, Shari Brooks, at