Keynote Speaker Mel Robbins

“You need to recognize that the risk of moving toward your dreams is much lower than the slow, everyday punishment you inflict on yourself by suppressing your dream.” 
Mel Robbins

PTK Catalyst Friday with Mel Robbins

Andrea Young – Webmaster – Vice President Ohio Region


Hit with an onslaught of personal and business setbacks, Mel Robbins shared the solution to motivate her mind to get out bed each morning despite the gloomy circumstances surrounding her. She changed her outlook by explaining a simple but effective brain hack of ‘turning off the autopilot in the brain and getting rid of comfort zones’. 

A best-selling author, one of the most booked motivational speakers in the world, CEO and co-founder of the Confidence Project, creator of the award-winning YouTube advice series #MelRobbinsLive, and creator and star of the Audible Original series “Kick Ass With Mel Robbins,” Robbins has a social media platform that reaches over 20 million people a month.

I remember watching her TEDx Talk back in 2011 and loving it. Apparently I’m not alone in appreciating the motivation because that talk has amassed over 16 million people to date. Proof that people want to be motivated and learn how to do the hard things.

She gave a charge to fellow PTK Catalyst attendees: “Get selfish with what you want and utilize the five second window that determines your success.”

Explaining the The Five Second Rule (also the title of her bestselling book), Robbins said that the ‘push moment’ is the tool that bridges the gap to push through from being an imposter to the person who does things and does them from a place of integrity. 

Utilizing the part of the brain that has the alarm and interrupting the habit loops that are getting coded draws on the cheat code in your brain is the five seconds of hesitation that can change every part of your life according to Robbins. 

As a fan of her series, books and similar stance on strategies to keep yourself in an always-learning path, Robbins was a perfect speaker, motivator and encourager for me and my fellow scholars at PTK Catalyst in Florida. I had a high-five moment when she gave a charge to attendees to stop talking to themselves negatively. I was just discussing this very thing with a fellow PTK’er at the conference. Like many other people I have met, she had an easier time sharing with me her perceived failures rather than accomplishments. I shared with her that I have a post-it note on my computer reminding me and my kids to “Be careful about what you say to yourself because YOU are always listening!” 

Most people I know would never say the things they tell themselves on a daily basis to even their worst enemy. As high-achievers, goal setters and overall determined people, we can set standards for ourselves that are impossible to achieve in the time frame we set or on the path we determined. Having flexibility with yourself, hacking your brain to determine that despite pivoting or different outcomes, that five seconds of hesitation telling yourself the new path is going to be good can be life changing. With wit and a lot of energy, Robbins was just the motivator to get already successful students at Catalyst to get themselves to be kind to themselves while they achieve greater things.

Robbins explained how this simple act shrinks a very big concept and shared the amazing stories of the 77 people who shared with her their personal stories of making decisions to choose life over suicide using the five seconds of hesitation. I would encourage my fellow scholars in PTK, classmates and friends to follow Mel on social media, get one of her amazing books or like me, watch her very first TedTalk and you will be hooked on the encouragement and push to move towards your dreams

Mel's book and some notes taken on Friday at PTK Catalyst 2019.

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