Ohio Regional Conference Key Note Speaker

John Amato Keynote Speaker at Ohio Regional Conference

Andrea Young – Webmaster, Vice President Ohio Region

Attending an Ohio Region Awards Convention is not just to celebrate the hard work and success of your Phi Theta Kappa chapter. At the 2019 Ohio Region Awards Convention: Life’s a Stage: What Part Do You Play?, the Keynote Address speaker John Amoto spoke to chapters about emotional intelligence. Amoto is the director, a trainer and consultant at Familylinks, Inc. in Pittsburgh.

In his talk, Amoto helped conference attendees understand the concept of Emotional Intelligence, tips on how to avoid being ‘emotionally hijacked’ in stressful situations and utilizing daily self reflection to honestly assess strengths and shortcomings. 

He explained that people who have a high emotional intelligence are happier, healthier and more successful in relationships. While each of us have a different emotional temperament, the ability to change the way to act, express ourselves and use our emotions can be changed for the better. 

Amoto helped attendees understand the importance of adding emotional intelligence, (i.e., being honest, aware and smart with emotions) to an existing job and leadership skills. Doing so helps workers with high emotional intelligence get along better and solve problems more efficiently. He cited that when used as a determinant of high performance, emotional intelligence has been shown to be twice as important as technical and cognitive skills combined. 

Leaving the audience with Goleman’s Model, tips on self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, empathy and relationship management, Amoto gave participants with a self-assessment test and activity as a take-away.

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