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As part of our Phi Theta Kappa College Project, Beta Gamma Epsilon has partnered with fellow psychology club honors society Psi Beta at Stark State. Psi Beta’s award-winning pantry is a valuable resource that serves all of our fellow students at Stark State. Yearly, Phi Theta Kappa sponsors the Mitten Tree during the holidays encouraging students, staff and anyone who desires to donate to the student-created, student-run, student-serving food pantry. Collecting food for the pantry is the primary goal of the Mitten Tree. Additional goals all semester long include creating an awareness to our fellow student body about the benefits of the pantry as well as facts on how hunger affects those around us, specifically our fellow students and their families. Collaborating with other student organizations to help spread the word on how hunger affects every aspect of student’s lives is important. 


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Did You Know?

One in three college students are hungry. 14% are homeless
*According to the Wisconsin Hope Report on student hunger and homelessness, 2017
Over 50 Million Americans are currently experiencing food insecurity.
*According to the Stark County Hunger Task Force
The college students who are most likely to report experiencing the lowest levels of food security are racial and ethnic minorities and those who live off campus, attend college in urban areas and grew up in homes without reliable supplies of food.
*From the University of Iowa and University of California, San Diego, published in Social Sciences, September 2018. By Katharine M. Broton, Kari E. Weaver and Minhtuyen Mai.
53% receive help from family or friends to stretch their food budget.
*According to the 2014 Hunger In America Study by Feeding America
One in three college students are hungry. 14% are homeless.
*According to the Wisconsin Hope Report on student hunger and homelessness, 2017.
The poverty rate in Stark County is 15.9 percent.
*According to Community Harvest Stark
In a study taken from surveys representing experiences of more than 30,000 students attending 121 colleges and universities in 26 states more than half of the students reported having access to food. Half of community college students reported living in unstable housing situations.
*“Going Without: An Exploration of Food and Housing Insecurity Among Undergraduates”: From the University of Iowa and Temple University, published in the Educational Researcher, December 2017. By Katharine M. Broton and Sara Goldrick-Rab.
1 and 6 Stark County residents is hungry right now.
*According to the Stark County Hunger Task Force
31% of people chose between food and education.
*According to the 2014 Hunger In America Study by Feeding America
All donations to the Psi Beta Pantry are available to students in need at Stark State throughout the year.
Partnering with Stark State’s faculty, staff and administration to create an awareness of hunger resources available is just one of the many goals for our Phi Theta Kappa chapter. Being hungry affects learning. Health and Wellness and Community College Completion are goals that we are happy to partner with the administration at Stark State College.
Beta Gamma Epsilon - Phi Theta Kappa Chapter at Stark State College
Did you know that our campus has a Food and Nutrition Club (FaN)? Everybody eats. Let them help you make good choices even if you do not have much.

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