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College Project Mitten Tree

Phi Theta Kappa Collaborates with Psi Beta Psi Beta As part of our Phi Theta Kappa College Project, Beta Gamma Epsilon has partnered with fellow psychology club honors society Psi Beta at Stark State....

a crowd of Phi Theta Kappans standing surrounding a pine tree with paper mittens adorning it.

Mitten Tree 2019

November Beta Gamma Epsilon Meeting Fun The annual Mitten Tree placed by Phi Theta Kappa in collaboration with Psi Beta was decorated at the November meeting. Mittens are ready to be taken off the...

crowd of Phi Theta Kappans surrounding a pine tree adorned with cloth mittens. 0

Help Support Students in Need

Members of Phi Theta Kappa decorated the Mitten Tree. The tree is located in the cafeteria. Items such as water bottles, notebooks, cereal bars, etc. can be donated to help students at Stark State....