2021 Induction Ceremony – Welcome New Members!

Congratulations fellow Beta Gamma Epsilon members. Welcome to Phi Theta Kappa and your official 2021 Induction Ceremony welcoming you to our chapter.

This past year has been nothing near normal. We take celebrations like inductions seriously at Phi Theta Kappa, because it’s not every day that you are celebrated as a scholar. During non-pandemic times, you and your family would be invited to our induction ceremony. You would be asked to wear a white top and black pants and the pin that you received with your certificate in the mail. We have tried to replicate the ceremony as we would in person. We are celebrating you and acknowledging the hard work you have shown to earn a place as a scholar. We hope that you bring your family and friends to the screen to celebrate you. Watch it several times, take a screen shot and of course, do not let your excitement end there. Reach out and be a part of our chapter. We need officers, members and difference-makers!

Now, experience the induction ceremony!

When you are finished, don’t forget the following information for items coming up:

PTK Virtual Escape Room (Free!) RSVP Here

First 20 students to register receive a free clue and some sweet swag! Get to know your fellow Ohio Region officers in our escape room entitled “Camp PTK”. It’s a fun and casual way to play games and learn about Phi Theta Kappa along the way!

Virtual Ohio Region Awards Convention (Free!) 

It’s easy, free and will help you get to know your regional officers and fellow members.

International Convention: PTK Catalyst Virtual: April 8-19 

Also, virtual and an opportunity to see how PTK works internationally.

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