How Can Alumni Members Help?

Julie Sproul | Alumni Chapter Liaison:  The Beta Gamma Epsilon Alumni are important members of the Chapter. They can act as mentors to the members, tutoring in areas in which they are familiar, they can support the events and projects the members undertake by lending a helping hand, they can be a sounding board and offer suggestions or experience from both their time as members of the chapter and of life in general. Sometimes, offering a listening ear can help in a member’s decision to stay and finish their degree or to just provide a boost of confidence and encouragement in that they can accomplish what they have set out to do – complete their two-year degree with a goal of following up with a four-year degree or finding that dream job.

We can also help financially by supporting the fundraisers or donating to the scholarship funds that help with membership in the society and provide access to the Regional and National Conferences and Convention, allowing for an exceptional opportunity to develop contacts in other chapters around Ohio, across the country and overseas. So, as you graduate, or if you have already graduated, consider being active in your chapter to help in their continued success.

The Beta Gamma Epsilon Alumni are holding an ongoing fundraiser to raise funds for the chapter scholarships that they support. How many times have you wanted to prop your phone up but had nothing on which to do so? How many times have you needed a tiny Philips or flat head screwdriver for those small, handheld gadgets, eyeglasses, etc. but couldn’t find one small enough? Well, we have solutions and are selling them! Both items are available now at your chapter meetings or contact your Chapter Advisors, Shari Brooks or David Sigmund.

Mini Tool Kits (the size of a pen) for $2.00
Phone Pal with pen stylist for $3.50

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